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Genotype data for each segregant as a tab-delimited text file.
Phenotype data for each trait and segregant as a tab-delimited text file. Phenotype per segregant is the average of replicate measurements.
Contains an R/QTL cross object called 'cross', with average phenotypes for each segregant and genotypes calls for each segregant. Also contains the genetic map.
Contains an R list object called 'pheno_raw'. Each element in the list is a different phenotype. Colony sizes have been normalized for growth on control media. This file contains replicate the measurements for each segregant and phenotype
BYxRM_segs_saccer3.bam [ 44GB download! ]
Merged bam file of Illumina reads per segregant. Sample ID is indicated in the RG tag. Barcode and transposon sequence have been removed. Reads are aligned to SacCer3. This file includes reads for the 1056 samples. See 'BYxRM_GenoData.txt' for the subset of 1008 segregants used in the paper.

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